The Earth House

The Earth House is a real place, although it does not yet exist as a physical space. It is a dream, a vision, a promise.
It is an earth centred, sacred sanctuary for all. A church for the lost and lonely, a temple for prayer and ritual, a circle where heart and spirit can be loved to wholeness.

At its core is the fundamental belief that we are but one part of a sacred whole that is the earth. We are not separate.
It is a place where we can look forward, open eyed and open hearted. Where we walk a spiritual path that does not trample upon the history of others, that does not take from cultures not our own.

No matter what you call divine, you are welcome here. We are each exactly who and what we were made to be and we are all connected.

The Earth House has four core values

Compassion, Truth, Respect & Community.

Earth Priest(ess) Training – 2022

The Earth House seeks to provide a forward-looking model of earth centred priesthood intended to meet the needs of the world as it is now and in the future. With a focus on service to the earth, to humanity and to community. That makes space for a variety of spiritual understanding and is fully inclusive and accessible.

This programme is designed to take each person on an individual journey of enquiry of self. To explore personal wounds and to explore the call to being a priest in service to the community of earth. To learn to lead with humility and awareness of others. To explore how to use ritual and ceremony and provide pastoral care to others.

The first year – the Discovery Year – is a healing exploration, examining what we already know about the world and ourselves and understanding where our wounds are. This set in a context of connection to the land and the ancestors and working with seasonal cycle and the moon cycle across the year.

The first year stands alone and is open to all by application. It will be a pre-requisite to move on to the second year for those who seek to go deeper into being a spiritual care practitioner/chaplain.

The second year – the Deepening Year – is where we dive deep into what it means to be a spiritual care practitioner. To walk alongside and be with other wounded humans. To hold meaningful ritual and ceremony, to hold space for meaning and belonging and hope.

The hope is that the completion of these two years of inquiry, alongside self-study and with appropriate supervision, it will allow each person to move into or deepen meaningful roles within their community, whether as a self employed practitioner or through employment within the NHS/Hospice/Prison/Charity sectors.

The training will be primarily led by Awen Clement who is an experienced earth-centred priest and chaplain, supported by a diverse faculty of teachers for areas of special interest and for subjects such as Racial Justice and LGBTQ+ which will be facilitated with voices from those communities. The course will be underpinned by an awareness of what is culturally appropriate for the communities that we come from and live within.

In 2022 the training programme will run as one cohort meeting one Sunday per month across the year. We would be very pleased to meet any accessibility needs you may have.

Fees: The course cost is £1200, this includes twelve days of teaching, additional learning materials for home based use during the year, supplies and gifts across the year and two one to one sessions with Awen during the course of the year.
If your application is accepted you will be asked to pay a deposit of £200 and can then pay 10 instalments of £100 to be completed before your final weekend/day at the end of the year. If you need more flexibility with payments please contact Awen to discuss.

If you are interested in the possibility presented here, please email to receive an information pack. Places will be by application and the cohort is limited to 8 people.

Applications are now open and will close at 1st December 2021 or when the cohort is full. All applicants will have an informal call with Awen as part of their application process.

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