The Wild Self Series

In these late days of 2020 we are all navigating our way into what the world looks like in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  The Wild Self Retreat Series with Awen has been designed to support you in finding your way back into connection with your sacred self and the magical world around you. You are welcome to take part in one, some or all of these retreats.

Each retreat will take place via zoom and will include elements of sacred ceremony, meditation and creative exercises. All of this supported by a magical box of goodies which will be sent to you by post, to help create your sacred home based retreat.

This series has been called the ‘Wild Self’ because it is about finding our way back into living in a state of nature.  We are connected to everything and our spirits know it, but often we can lose that connection and how it makes us feel in the course of navigating life as a busy human being.

Awen is an intuitive, healer and soul guide and is an experienced retreat leader. In usual times you would have been able to take part in a retreat somewhere in the beautiful, sacred landscape of the UK.  As things are so unsettled this year, Awen created a series of short, online retreats to bring a little taste of that work to you at home.  

Elemental Wild Self Series

The Elemental retreats are designed to bring you back into connection with the sacred earth.  To remember your power, to remember your holy self. To explore the different facets of your human spirit and how you walk in the world.

Elemental: Fire – October 4th – 7pm-9.30pm

We will engage with the energy of Fire to explore the themes of Courage and Passion within our lives. Where does your inner flame need tending?

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Elemental: Water – October 18th – 7pm-9.30pm

This time we will explore the energy of Water, looking to the themes of Peace and Clarity. How are you flowing with the energy of life?

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Elemental: Earth – November 8th – 7pm-9.30pm

Earth is our foundation, we will explore the themes of Strength and Wildness. Where do you need to root down?

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Elemental: Air – November 22nd – 7pm-9.30pm

Breath is life, Air will show us the way to Freedom and Inspiration. How can your spirit take flight?

Magical Goody Bundles

One of Awen’s favourite things to do for her in person retreats is to prepare a few gifts and treasures for the participants that weave into the experience of each weekend.

For these online events she is translating that into a box of magical items to support you in creating the retreat experience at home. But we’re not going to spoil the surprise by telling you what’s going to be in them!

In Person Retreats 2021

Hopefully the world will settle down again and it will be possible to gather safely in beautiful places once more in 2021. Watch this space!

I have recently returned from a beautiful Imbolc retreat held by Awen. Her quiet wisdom, listening ear, sensitive holding and deep rootedness was so appreciated. I learnt so much and look forward to future opportunities to work with this generous soul – Jo [February 2020]