Moon Wise

Do you know your star sign? Your rising sign? Maybe even your moon sign?

Do you know what phase of the moon you were born under?

We all have a personal connection to the cycle of the moon based on the phase that we were born under.

It is possible to transform the way that you live and work by learning how to be in tune with your Natal Moon Cycle.

Awen has been teaching about the Natal Moon Cycle for over five years and in 2019 published her first book – Moon Wise – on the subject.

Moon Wise offers a framework to help you understand the concept of the Natal Moon Cycle and how to work with it, bringing peace and power to your life.

Moon Wise is available via Amazon in print and Kindle versions. Occasionally signed copies are available direct from Awen, please get in contact to enquire.

Awen also offers Natal Moon Coaching sessions, which offer the opportunity to work more deeply on a one to one basis with your Natal Moon Cycle. Sometimes working with a book is not enough by itself.