Soul Support Sessions

Do you find that talking therapy isn’t always enough by itself? Or that energy work alone doesn’t get to the heart of the issue you’re dealing with?

Soul Support Sessions with Awen combine the two to create effective change and transformation in your life.

During these sessions you have a safely held space to explore your stories and challenges, being deeply heard without judgement. Then the session is completed with intuitive energy work and may also include elements of guided meditation or journeying and oracle divination.

These sessions are intended to help you release old patterns, disconnect from old stories and move forward from places where you may be feeling stuck.

Sessions take place via Zoom and are between an hour and hour and a half in length.

Single Sessions: £50 Block of 3 Sessions: £120

In person Soul Support Sessions can take place out in nature. Connecting to the earth deepens the energy of these sessions and provides beautiful space for holding this work.

Awen has been doing healing work for more than fifteen years and has trained in a variety of techniques including Reiki and Shamanic Healing. She has also trained in counselling and life coaching techniques.

If you would like to explore whether working with Awen is the right fit for you you can arrange for a no obligation Discovery Call.

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