Natal Moon Coaching

We all have a personal energy cycle that sits in alignment with the phase of the moon we were born under – our Natal Moon Phase.

Understanding this cycle can allow us to live and work more effectively and bring real change to our physical and mental energy levels.

Awen is now offering Natal Moon Coaching Sessions based on the work in her book Moon Wise and her successful programmes Moon Wise Woman and Moon Wise Posse.

You get to go deeply into your Natal Moon Cycle one to one with Awen and create a plan for how you’re going to live life by the moon.

Your session will include establishing your Natal Moon Phase, plotting out your Natal Moon Cycle and how to apply it to your chosen life area. You will also receive a number of resources including meditations and worksheets for ongoing support.

Single Session: £75

You can arrange follow up sessions (£50) if you feel you need more support and accountability to explore other life areas. All sessions are currently hosted via Zoom.

If you would like to explore whether working with Awen is the right fit for you, you can arrange for a no obligation Discovery Call.

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